Lunch Menu

There is a minimum of 30 per item unless otherwise indicated.

  • Lunch menu 1


      Smoked Turkey

      Brown bread with smoked turkey slices, red lettuce, Gouda cheese, & tomatoes.

      Chicken Pesto

      Grilled chicken breast with pesto sauce, mayonnaise, artichoke, Emmental cheese, roast tomatoes served on brown bread.

      Smoked Salmon

      Smoked Salmon comes with dill cream cheese topped with avocado and tomato relish.


      Avocado Toast

      Sourdough bread topped with Artichoke relish Labaneh, avocado mix & toasted seed mixture.

      Hawaiian Chicken

      Grilled chicken breast with Hawaiian sauce, served with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles in Multigrain bread.


      Pomegranate Salad

      Mixed lettuce, red grape, apple, candied pecan, dried cranberry, balsamic onion tossed with pomegranate vinaigrette topped with warm pistachios coated Goat cheese.

      Mexican Quinoa

      Iceberg lettuce, roasted red pepper, quinoa and roasted sweet corn topped with avocado mixture & white cheese all tossed with lemon Mexican sauce.

      Kani Salad

      Rice noodles mixed with cucumber, sweet corn, white cabbage, carrot served with kani sauce and crab sticks.


      Mint Mousse

      Toffee Banana Tart


      Mixed Berry Muffin

      Chocolate Muffin

      Dark Chocolate Chip Cookie

      Peanut Butter Cookie

    17 JD

  • Lunch Menu 2


      Roast Beef

      Roast beef, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, Emmental cheese, served in brown bread.

      Tuna Melt

      Mixed tuna with lettuce, tomato, cucumber pickles & melted Havarti cheese served in our homemade soft bread.


      Soft multigrain bread served with grilled Halloumi cheese, olive, basil pesto and rocca leaves.


      Oriental Braised Veal

      Mini tartlets filled with baba ghannouj topped with braised veal and pomegranate.

      Smoked Salmon Pizza

      Served with dill cream cheese topped with avocado and tomato relish.


      Jerash Arena

      Mix salad, fresh mushrooms, sliced beetroot, thyme and fresh mint, served with goat labaneh balls coated with almonds, all dressed in appetizing balsamic dressing.

      Parisian Rocca

      Mix of rocca leaves, cherry tomatoes, roasted pine nuts, tossed with lemon sauce topped with shaved parmesan cheese.

      Lentil salad

      Green lentil with mixed quinoa, mint, chili, mango and kale, served with an oriental dressing.


      Peanut Mousse

      Cold French Raspberry Cheese Cake

      Chocolate Cake

      Oatmeal Cookies

      White Cookies

      Date Muffin

      Carrot Muffin

    17 JD