There is a minimum of 30 per item unless otherwise indicated.

  • Bites

      Smoked Salmon Bruschetta

      Comes with tomato jam, truffle brie cheese.

      Pistachio Curry Chicken

      Comes with Balsamic butter, pineapple & Banana on cracked biscuit

      Bells of Sicily

      Marinated roasted red pepper served with cheese bruscheta

      Oriental Braized Veal

      Mini tartlets filled with baba ganouj topped with braised veal and pomegranate.

      Smoked Salmon Pizza

      Comes with cream cheese dill topped with avocado and tomato relish.

      Avocado Toast

      Sourdough bread topped with artichoke relish hard labaneh, avocado mix & Toasted seed mixture.


    12.00 JD